It is important to have good knowledge of your intellectual content rights
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Track Your Content
Any intellectual property and original content you have needs to be tracked in order to make sure that others are not using it without permission.
Video Takedown
Insist that the person who has violated the copyright terms takes down the video immediately, or come to some other agreement.
Report Copyright Issues
If you find that someone has been using your unique material and does not have your permission to do so, then report them right away.
Monetize Content
Once you have made contact with the person using your video, rather than just making them take it down, you could also monetize the video for yourself.
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Protection is the Key to Success
Protection Process
Know the Process
There are certain steps and a certain process you will need to follow in order to have your copyright infringement issue dealt with properly, and we can help you every step of the way.
Copyright Issues
Don't Stress It
If you find that you are the victim of a copyright infringement, don't panic and don't stress about it, just contact us and let us deal with everything that needs to be done.
Content ID Protection
YouTube have their own Content ID system and there are also other measures you can take

What is Content ID?

Content ID is a unique ID or basically an algorithm developed by google which act as a fingerprint for the users. It is maintained in google in order to find out and manage copyright contents. So in layman terms we can say that getting content ID is just like owning a patent.

Content ID gives the holder the choice to take down or monetize the similar content present in YouTube. The system is implemented in 2007 for reducing the disputes occurring in the name of copyright issues by Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

The system was primely named as Video Identifier and later renamed as Content ID. In this post we are about to discuss the importance of content ID for YouTubers.
Protect Content
Content Protection

How Does it Work?

As mentioned above Content ID helps the ID holder to track and takedown plagiarised content from YouTube. What content ID does is that it creates an ID file to store files for the ID holders and it will be created as patented content. Whenever a similar video or audio file is uploaded in YouTube the content will be flagged as copyright violated and enable the content owner to take down the video. Not everyone can own a Content ID.

Uploaders who meet specific criteria will be provided with the ID. In order to get a Content ID the applicant should provide enough evidence to prove that he posses all the rights over the content and is exclusively unique. If your application is accepted for getting a Content ID one should complete an agreement and it's mandatory to provide your geographical location.
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Know your YouTube Content ID
Why is it Important for YouTubers?
As a YouTuber you should get a Content ID because of various reasons. Content ID enables you to identify your video anywhere on YouTube. You can easily find out a copy of your work, if any in are on YouTube.

By doing so you can either take down the entire video, make it a blacklist or you can add advertisement into it and monetize from that video. The decision is in the ID owners hand whether to take down, monetize or track the video.

As mentioned above it works on an algorithm which checks for any copy by matching your content against all the audios and visuals on YouTube.
Youtube Protection
Protect Money
Protect Your Time and Money
Creating an intellectual, unique work cost lots of your valuable time and money.

It is not appreciated to simply give this work to people who are there on YouTube, copying your work, posting it as a new one and splitting the views and likes that should come to your work. As you all know YouTube is a platform which acts as a passive income source. Every like, subscribers, views counts in YouTube.

If any splitting happens naturally, it affects your earnings. This is the reason why it is recommended that every YouTubers should own a content ID.
Remember the copyright rules
... So Always Remember
When it comes to protecting yourself and your creative content on YouTube, then it really is fair to say that Content ID is one of the best steps that has ever been introduced by YouTube in order to bring down the amount of disputes which continue to occur on a regular basis in the name of plagiarism. It gives you, the ID owner, the absolute true power over the intellectual content which has been made by you. Now, thanks to this fantastic addition by YouTube, the ID owner can easily track their content and if any copy of their work is identified the ID owner can take down or monetize from the copied work.

Be sure to keep on top of all of your unique, created content which solely belongs to you and remember to make sure that you do not let anyone else take advantage of your work without your permission. If you find that someone has been using your content and they have not spoken to you about it first, then now is the time to put that right and either put in a dispute to have them take it down or, alternatively have their work monetized for you.
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