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How it Works
Take Control of Your Content
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What is Acceptable?
YouTube uses a vigorous system called content ID, allowing owners of the copyright to manage and monitor how their content is used on YouTube. All video uploads to YouTube is verified against the content IDs data base to check if it contains copyrighted video. The results of using copyrighted video include:
Mute Video
The owner of the original video content may decide that they want to mute the video due to their original content being the audio on the video.
Block Video
The owner of the copyrighted video may actually decide that they want to block the video completely, especially if the visuals in the video is their original content.
Monetize Video
The owner of the copyright to the material in the video may decide to track the statistics of the viewers of the video, in order to monetize it for themselves.
Get Solutions
Most content IDs is available to already established video producers although some companies such as AdRev give solutions to smaller producers who are independent.
Make Agreements
In most cases if you find that have got a copyright claim against you, the owners may decide to let you use their videos in exchange for ads, so you both win.
Monetize Issues
Unfortunately, if a copyright claim is made against you, then you will no longer be able to monetize the video for yourself, unless you have that agreement in place.
What Happens Next?
Remove Video
If somebody else is using your video, you can get them to remove it instantly, so in reverse, if you are using someone else's video and they request the removal, then take it down right away.
Accept Ads
Sometimes you can come to an arrangement with one another to accept ads on the copied video, this way you can still keep the video but will have to accept the ads.
Contend the Claim
If you feel that someone is wrongly accusing you of using their unique content, then you can contend the claim and insist that you have the rights to use it, but make sure you do first.
Income Share
If you are lucky enough to actually be a partner of the content, then you can simply suggest that you share any of the income that the content makes on YouTube.
Video Blocked
Protect Yourself at All Times
Licensing Fees
Licensing fees is substantial if you need a popular commercial video as it involves getting into contact with the publishers and striking a deal. Some videos are copyright free and if you search the web you will get YouTube channels offering free downloadable videos.

However, you must obtain the formal of license that gives the right to use the video if you are in charge of your video company. When it comes to YouTube, do a highly transformative content in order to have a fair use doctrine.

Try to say something quite different from the original creation for you to be covered. Use of fictional content like cartoon is less often permitted under the fair use than non fictional material.
Licensing Fees
What to Use
Be careful and use reasonable amount of the original content. Your video will be less likely to be taken under fair use if it will take away views or sales from the original. Don't create content that will occupy markets for copyright owners exploitation.

If the law does not permit giving credit while using another person's content under fair use, then crediting a person will not protect you against copyright violation. Instead give credit when using someones content in order to avoid lawsuit.

The amount of time you use under the fair use doctrine is not precise. Just use reasonable time related to your intentions. If you shoot a video at an event with copyrighted music in the background, the incidental capture is considered a fair use.

Using clips from a film as a reference is considered to be a fair use. However,if depends on the amount of scenes you use and the method in which you use them. If you want to do parody you must hold the original up to irony. When this is done, you can go as far as to use the clips from the original video in your own, including voices and background video.
Know the Ins and Outs
Discover what you should avoid and understand the consequences of your actions
Things You Should Avoid
You should not upload content created by someone else. By doing so, you are violating the copyright of the original creator. For example, you actually copy someone's video and upload it you will have committed copyright infringement. Here, you have not asked for permission from the owner to upload it or share it.

Also avoid posting the video and indicating that it was created by the owner.You have not sought any permission and this will not help you escape the wrath of copyright strike. You will have to face the consequences of YouTube. Do not edit the video, for instance, try to change it so that there is a little difference. By this, it means that when the two videos are compared, they are almost similar. In short, you have only made a few changes to it.

It all boils down to stealing the work of an author. You can’t also upload the video and say that you claim no rights to the video. This is what many people do in avoidance of infringement. However, this is not a safe way to do it because you have already caused the damage by posting the video.
Avoid Copying
The Consequences
When the video you posted violates the copyright, it will be taken down. This is done after YouTube has completely made sure using the Content ID that indeed copyright infringement has been committed.

YouTube can also decide to monetize the video by adding advertisements. This means the money will go to the owner. This way you lose for uploading content that wasn't yours in the first place.

It can also decide to track the views of the video and the content owner will be able to know the source of the views.

Many people have been sued for violating the copyright law and paid hefty fines. If you are sued you should be prepared to cover costs from £200 to £ 150,000. You can also go to jail and serve some months inside there for going against the law.
YouTube allows posting of videos online but there are some restrictions to it. When you post a video, is it originally yours? For instance, when you post a video on health and fitness, did you create it? These questions are what you should ask yourself before posting it. Copyright is when you own the video and created it. Many people decide to post content without prior knowledge of what copyright infringement will do. YouTube uses Content ID to help the owners identify and manage their own content. So, when a video is posted, it is scanned against the databank of videos already submitted by the original creators. This will make it easy for YouTube to inflict punishment on the violators. The original videos are easy to differentiate from the copied ones.
Copyright infringement is breaking the law and there are severe punishments attached to it. To be on the right side of the law, be sure to seek permission first from the owner if you wish to use his or her work. You can also be your own boss and create your content. Feel free to explore and do your work. This way you will keep yourself from jail.
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