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What is Intellectual Property (IP) protection?
Your knowledge, the information you possess, the ideas that you create - these are all your Intellectual Property (IP). As they have commercial and moral value, they need to be protected, just like any other property you own. How does this work?

Intellectual property can be grouped into two major categories. The first is industrial rights, and the second is copyright. Industrial rights include trademarks, designs, or patents that make each company's product unique and their own. Copyright is the right that gives the creator the decision of who might use their intellectual property and under what condition. Regarding Youtube, both categories can apply: you have copyright over the content you create, but you can also have your logo or channel name trademarked in order to protect it from counterfeit.

The ultimate goal of protecting intellectual property is to encourage innovation and the creation of ideas, as they provide security to the creators who will, therefore, will feel safe to share their ideas with the rest of the world, knowing it is well protected from theft.

However, it must be said that intellectual property is not in the possession of the creator forever. Database rights are limited to 15 years, invention patents last for 20 years, while copyright for artistic works and software lasts for 70 years after the death of the author. Registered trademarks, such as company names or logos are covered by IP protection for an unlimited amount of time.
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Protecting Your IP
Protection of intellectual property isn't just a national issue, as in today's global world, ideas can easily be stolen and reused all around the planet. For this, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) was established in 1967 as one of the 15 specialized agencies of NATO. By 2019, more than 191 countries have joined together to protect intellectual property rights.

In order to protect your IP, you should officially register it so you can receive legal assistance in case someone else attempts to copy your intellectual property. There are intellectual property attorneys who specialize in this field of legal studies and can provide professional help in your affairs. Once you have your intellectual property protected by qualifying it as a patent or registering it as a trademark, they are legally your IP and you can take legal action against anyone who attempts to use your ideas against your permission. Copyright is a special case, as it exists from the moment the work was created, therefore registering it is just voluntary.
Ip Protection
Youtube Content Id
YouTube Content ID
Youtube has its own built-in system to provide protection of intellectual property. To start with, your videos are the representation of your intellectual property, therefore you possess copyright over them. Youtube features a special tool called Content ID, which automatically scans other videos for content that might match your intellectual property, therefore ensuring that there are no second uploads of what you have created. As copyright issues can be a regular problem for Youtube content creators, there are extensive guides and help is always available for those with questions.

Youtube handles three different so-called 'representations' in their system, all in connection to your intellectual property rights. These three types of representations of your intellectual property are the 'assets' for the rights management system, the 'references' for the Content ID matching, and the video itself for the Youtube platform. Despite using their own system in order to protect the creators' IP, there are still laws defending your intellectual property.
Intellectual Property Theft
Those who are caught and proven to steal intellectual property face heavy fines in addition to years in prison. The exact amount of the consequences of IP theft vary state by state. As an example, the State of Pennsylvania punishes counterfeit trademarks with up to 10 years in prison and a $2 million fine. Even recording movies in public theatres can be punished by up to 3 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. The latter might sound overexaggerated but these laws ensure that your intellectual property is protected and creators can feel safe knowing that their ideas are protected from counterfeit and theft.

There are basic ways to protect your intellectual property. One option is to keep your patents as confidential as possible and your data safe and secured. In the case of copyrights, it is also a good idea to publish your ideas widely so people will attribute it to you in the first place. You should always consult a legal professional regarding questions of intellectual property protections to ensure that your IP is as protected as it can be.
Intellectual Property
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Why is it important for YouTubers to protect their Intellectual Property?
Intellectual property forms the very core of a business and one that needs safeguarding. It is not just about the ideas a business brings to the table, but also goodwill and assets associated with it.

The same extends to YouTubers and their intellectual properties. Right from logos to channel names to other unique identities, it is extremely important for YouTubers to protect their intellectual properties, such that they cannot be misused or copied without necessary permission.

YouTubers rely heavily on their individual characteristics and talents to grow their business and thus need to keep it protected from unlawful usage or infringement. In case someone does use it without permission, then YouTube will step in and take action against the guilty. This can save YouTubers time and effort and also safeguard their intellectual property.

You do not have to be a big YouTube star to protect your intellectual property. Even if you have a small channel with limited viewers, you must copyright your name, logo and other aspects that can be infringed.
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Safeguard Ideas
Safeguard Ideas
The internet is full of people who are simply looking to steal or duplicate the most popular ideas and concepts. If you put out some videos that are unique, then there will always be many other people looking to unlawfully capitalize on it. So, in order to protect your idea, you must copyright it using watermarks or other trademarks in order to deter them from copying your ideas. In case they use it despite copyrights then they can be reported for copyright infringement and action can be taken against them.
Channel Growth
Channel Growth
When providing unique content to customers, you do so to amass a bigger audience. You try to increase your fan base and video views by giving them content they want to see. This makes it important for you to safeguard content so your channel can grow over time. If another person copies it then your audience stops feeling special. This can negatively impact your channel’s growth. To remain on top and make sure your audience sticks with you, it is essential to protect your unique intellectual property.
Low Effort
Low Effort
It might seem a little overwhelming at first but it isn’t really a Herculean task to protect your intellectual property. You are free to use patents, trademarks or copyrights to protect your identity! If you opt for copyrights, then it is a straight and simple process without any registrations required. On the other hand, patents will require you to go through your local or national intellectual property office or a solicitor. You can consult them for advice on how to safeguard your unique property. With YouTube, it really is low effort.