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When it comes to creating unique, fun and exciting content for your videos on YouTube, you are going to want to make sure that you are protecting yourself and your content from those poachers out there, who look to steal other people's intellectual property and claim it for their own. Intellectual property should thus be safeguarded, regardless of how big or small a YouTuber you are. Keeping it protected can help you take the right action against those who copy or steal your assets unlawfully!

So if you have not already looked into how you can safeguard your intellectual property on YouTube, then you have come to the same place. Alternatively, you might be someone who has already been a victim of this terrible act and you are now looking for somewhere that you can go in order to have something done about this. If someone has stolen your intellectual property, then you are perfectly within your rights to seek compensation from them, whether it be having the content taken down or monetizing this stolen content.
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Regain that Revenue
If anyone is lucky enough to make it through the YouTube Content ID protection, then there are still ways to monetize your videos and make sure that these new viewers bring new revenue to you, not those pesky content thieves.
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Monetize Content
When it comes to making sure you get what you actually deserve from your original content, one of the biggest keys is to monetize your YouTube content, getting the right amount of value for you, from the content which is rightfully yours.
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It doesn't matter if you are a big name superstar or simply someone who has made a funny little video, original content is original content and nobody should be able to steal any intellectual property at all, which is why everyone is covered.
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Content Protection
When it comes to controlling your intellectual content which has been stolen, it really is up to you whether you decide to monetize it or have it taken down, whichever suits you best. Work out which one will benefit you the most and then take it from there.

If you do decide to monetize this content, then it is really easy for you to keep track of just how much money you newly monetized content is making. With a unique dashboard system, every single cent can be followed and accounted for.

From the moment that you have monetized your intellectual content, you can then sit back and enjoy watching your monthly income grow, without even having to lift a finger. It could not be any easier than that.
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Content Syndication
When it comes to making the most money that you possibly can from these copyright claims, it is probably fair to say that the best way to go about making the maximum amount of revenue is through content syndication.

Once you decide that you want to monetize this content and then go on to syndicate it, you will soon find that you are earning more than ever. Your unique content will be seen by people from all around the globe, boosting that monthly revenue even more.

By syndicating the content that you create, you will be able to notice a much bigger and better array of your material being posted across YouTube as a whole.
Take the Lead with Your Content
So if you are someone who feels that they have become a victim of having their intellectual property stolen on YouTube, then you have come to the right place, as we have everything you need to know in order to fight back. You no longer have to sit back and accept it when someone decides to take your unique content and post it as their own. As well as having the YouTube Content ID system in place to help prevent these things from happening, you now have other places where you can go to get the help you are looking for.

Meanwhile, if you are someone who has found that they have posted a video which does not belong to you and you have been issued with a copyright dispute, then you can also get the help you need in order to make things right. You should not really take material and content which is not yours in the first place but, should you find yourself in this situation, we are sure that we can help you to solve these issues by taking the necessary steps required.
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